The Ultimate Event Planning Checklist

Every event is different: but they still circle around to a small list of questions that you have to ask yourself.  From the size of the venue to the people and food that will be in it, this is the ultimate event planning checklist.

What’s the Point of the Event?

What’s the main reason you’re throwing this event, and who’s it for?  This answer can guide you towards the answer for nearly every other question on this checklist.  If the event is for yourself, you have more freedom to plan and have fun than you would if it were a corporate event or a family gathering.  Is this event happening as a celebration?  Or is it a memorial?  Consider the why before you make any other plans.

Where Is It Going to be?

Where are you planning on hosting this event?  Is it a venue you’ve been to before, or is it somewhere new and intriguing?  How will the size, shape, or form of the event change who you can hire as entertainment and who you can invite as a guest?  This is important to consider, especially if it’s outside at a wetter time of the year.  Think about how much money this will cost and how you can budget for it.

How Much Will it Cost?

Your event’s budget matters more than anything else.  If you run out of money before booking the venue: the entire event is borderline canceled.  It’s a good idea to plan a budget before you spend a single cent.  Look at the cost of everything from the venue, to the entertainment, to catering, and pay attention to any charges that may be added because of the type of event.

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When Is It Going to Be?

When is this event going to happen?  It’s better to plan as early as possible so that you don’t have to worry about running out of time and being unable to book anything.  Consider everything that will affect the timing, from holidays to weather events that commonly happen that time of the year, and what that would mean for your guests.

Who’s Getting Invited?

Who do you want to attend your gathering?  Are you inviting anyone you can, or is there a set number of guests and people that you want there?  Is this a corporate event or a private party?  The number of people you’re inviting will impact which venues you can use, how long you’ll be able to host the event, and how much entertainment you’ll need.

What Will You Do There?

Beyond people listening to the Spanish singers you hire, what else is going to happen at this event?  Will people be expected to simply dance and talk amongst themselves, or will there be more interesting options for those who want to have fun?  These plans should be based on the type of event you’re hosting.  Gatherings like weddings don’t need as much entertainment since the event itself is entertainment.

Planning Makes Perfect

Careful planning will ensure that your event isn’t a flop!  Take your time, and make this into something that people will talk about for years to come.